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Management Consulting

Our Management support services focuses on Daily Maintenance, Turnarounds and Special Needs Projects.  These services focus on Safety management, Leadership principles, Goal setting, Expectation setting and Performance Metrics.  Consultants assess current strategies and practices to develop an understanding of Site activities impacting Operations, Technical and Maintenance.  Detailed gap analysis and findings are documented.  Site specific improvement strategies are tailored to address gaps and remove inefficiencies from the organization.  Consultants coach members of Management on how to implement strategies and practices that assist in meeting their objectives.

Training, Coaching and Sustainment

Our Consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of maintenance, turnarounds and special projects.  This knowledge has been documented and captured in training courses for piping, vessels, exchangers, pumps, compressors, instrumentation, field electrical systems, substation/power circuits, etc.  Consultant teams conduct training in numerous subjects to include the following for all crafts (Electrical, Instrumentation, Metals and Machinery):

• Basic Planner Training

• Advanced Planner Training

• Equipment Operating Principles

• Equipment Failure and Repair Strategies

• Scheduler Training

• Maintenance First Level Execution Supervisor Leadership Training

One-on-One coaching is available to ensure training principles are being utilized.  These coaching sessions assist in changing the culture and ensuring that practices learned during training becomes part of the business norms.


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Recognitions & Awards

BDI Resources has been recognized by multiple organizations and awards in engineering services.  You can also learn about our memberships and affiilations


Turnaround Management and Support

This service focuses on turnaround management, planning, scheduling, execution, and cost control.  Turnaround management includes designing the turnaround safety strategies, leadership team and staffing all management/supervisory positions as needed.  Turnaround Planners are available to make field visits and put together job packs/folders that establish what resources and material is required to execute each job.  Job pack task lists and resources are used to construct an integrated critical path execution schedule.

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